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In addition, most industry analysts recommend refreshing infrastructure devices such as servers and storage every three to five years. Today’s Business Owners and Executives have to look not only at the initial Capital Expenditure but also the Operational costs for what the industry calls Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

There are many benefits to TCO and having private cloud.

Private Cloud and Infrastructure

Sentry Network Group provides a Private Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions for our clients using equipment and services located securely in the heart of the NC mountains. Sentry’s wholly owned collection of servers, storage, and network equipment combined with the security and redundancy of a carrier grade data-center culminates into a solution that is highly available even during the most severe local conditions.

Hosted servers in a Data Center also provides backup and disaster preparedness options. Your data is already protected from physical disasters at your organization’s facilities such as hurricanes or flooding. Data Centers often have more safeguards for physical security, are built in areas less prone to natural disasters, provide multiple internet connections, and power redundancy capable of lasting for days on end. If your users have an internet connection during the worst of local situations, such as a hurricane, they are still able to focus on their safety rather than making sure your company’s data is safeguarded and secure.

With longer buying cycles when Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) purchase computing equipment they often have to over purchase today for what they believe they’ll need years in the future. Sentry’s Private Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offer a great solution for managing capital expenses on expensive hardware. This allows you to use and pay for only the exact resources you need today, while providing your company the ability to scale out as it grows.

Optimizing Your Business

With the rent-for-service nature, Private Cloud and IaaS gives organizations access to the latest servers without having to buy them outright or finding a place within their facility to store them. This will end placing loud servers in inconvenient locations that are not ideal creating security hazards allowing anyone physical access to your company’s data.

We will work with your staff to identify a solution that can scale with your growing business while minimizing and shifting costs to an operational model.

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